Using widgets in IMUNES


There is a useful feature in IMUNES called Widgets that can be used when running experiments in GUI. It works like this:

  • Run any experiment with any number of nodes (e.g. PCs, Hosts or Routers).
  • You want to know the routing tables of some nodes but don’t want to write the same command on every node.
  • Click on the Widgets menu and select IPv4 Routing table
  • Move your mouse to any of the nodes on canvas and the information about the routes will be shown in the window.

If you want to run your own custom command, just select Custom... and write your command into the input field and press OK. Move the mouse over the node and your custom command will be executed. Be careful and don’t execute any long-running commands with large or infinite outputs or you will spam your node and it will run out of resources.

We are also working on a new feature: Link widgets which will provide information about the link under the mouse cursor.