himage tool completion script


One of the newest updates in IMUNES was the addition of himage bash completion script. For some of you who don’t know what himage is, it is an IMUNES tool used for connecting to running nodes, used primarily for scripting IMUNES experiments, but also often used as a helper tool to run commands on nodes in live experiments. You can read more about himage here and here.

This script enables the user to ‘tab-complete’ flags and arguments of the himage script. It pretty much behaves as a regular shell autocomplete by:

  • showing available flags if you type himage -<TAB>,
  • autocompleting running node names matching the beginning of the name if you type himage [0-or-more-characters]<TAB> (show multiple choices in case there are nodes with the same name in different experiments), or
  • autocompleting commands which run from the jail if you type himage node [0-or-more-characters]<TAB>.

It definitely improves the usage experience of the himage script and speeds up writing shell commands for IMUNES or debugging your topologies.

The himage-bash-completion.bash script is not automatically installed, you have to manually run it:

# . $imunes_installation_location/scripts/himage-bash-completion.bash # usually /usr/local/lib/imunes/scripts

or put this command in your .bashrc or whatever shell .rc file you use to load every time you start the shell.

Next step: hcp and vlink completion scripts.